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Sandy Lake Project

Project Highlights


The 100% owned Sandy Lake Project consists of 2 claim blocks for a total of 3,791 hectares. It is located 13 kilometres west of the historical Cluff Lake Mine (produced 62 million pounds of uranium concentrate from 1979 to 2002) and 6 km southwest of the rim of the Carswell Impact Structure. The Carswell structure is a large geological event believed to represent a meteorite impact creating a structural complex area including ring faults surrounding the affected area. The Carswell fault rings interact with NW trending conductors on the Sandy Lake project which occur sub-parallel to the Saskatoon Lake Conductor, a known mineralized system that hosts UEC’s Shea Creek Project. The Sandy Lake Project is one of the few locations in the Athabasca Basin to exhibits the characteristics of both the Shea Creek Deposits and the Cluff Lake Deposit. 


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