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Coffer Project

Project Highlights 

Ideally Situated for Discovery


The 100% Coffer Project consists of 8 contiguous claims covering an area of 35,875 hectares. It is located 3 kilometres to the southeast of the Shea Creek Project (85.05 million lb. of U3O8 combined indicated and inferred) and 13 km east of F3’s JR Zone (6.97% U3O8 over 15.0m, including 5.5m of 18.6% U3O8 in drill hole PLN22-035). The Coffer Project is a highly attractive project ideally situated both proximal to the Saskatoon Lake conductor and the clearwater domain which are both believed to contribute to uranium mineralization in the Western Athabasca basin. 

A VTEMTM plus was completed on the property in winter 2023 to cover the entirety of the property and Stallion worked with Condor Consulting to interpret the data. This data is shown in the premliminary data of the magnetic tilt map in figure 2 below. Final data results are shown in the target maps.

Target Areas

Appaloosa Target

Clydesdale Target

Mustang Target

Exploration Plan

The company is planning on completing a 3-phase exploration program

Phase 1

Completed a regional airborne VTEMTMPlus across the project. When combined with historical data provided three significant target areas.

Phase 2

Exploration on the Appaloosa target with a ground TDEM survey that is utilizing a low temperature (liquid helium cooled) super conductor technology called Jessy Deep SQUID. Ground exploration on remaining target areas when prioritized.

Phase 3

A 3,000 metre winter drilling program. The drilling phase will commence once ground TDEM results have be completed and interpreted. The Company will be utilizing gamma probe and borehole EM testing of the drill holes for additional information.


Figure 1 - Coffer Project Map

Figure 2 - Magnetic Tilt Domain with Exploration Corridors


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